Job Vacancy Available: Compliance Specialist


There is a vacancy for a Compliance Specialist role within the JHC.  The key requirements and responsibilities of the position are as follows:


The purpose of the Compliance Specialist is to support the legal and complaint functioning of JHC through providing Company Secretarial services to the boards, coordinating and tracking procurement compliance, monitoring contracts and completing the business information requirements and processes.

REPORTING LINE:    Compliance and Risk Manager

Key Performance Areas


Company Secretary

  • To coordinate the annual returns and report publication annually by collecting all information, verifying, coordinating procurement of supplier to compile and managing the process to final draft and print by annual deadline

  • Compile and distribute board memorandum by receiving information, drafting documentation, distributing and addressing any queries within deadline

  • Schedule board induction for new board members by receiving board member information, scheduling induction and conducting relevant sections as required

  • Compile and maintain the board induction by drafting induction materials, managing that relevant parties are briefed to conduct relevant sections and updating induction with new legislative and company information on an ongoing basis

  • File and manage all CIPC submissions by completing required documentation, collecting supporting documentation, submitting and tracking process until changes are approved and implemented at CIPC as required.

  • Maintain all company information at CIPC by conducting CIPC audit and verification quarterly and resolving any issues as and when required

  • Maintain legislative and regulatory expertise on all board and company requirements by reviewing all current laws and regulations and any legal amendments, investigating and understanding impact on JHC and its subsidiaries and communicating relevant changes and information to board and management as required and within time for amendments to be implemented and complied with


  • Procurement

  • Evaluate the compliance with the procurement procedures by participating in procurement procedures, checking compliance of activities conducted and addressing and providing feedback on procurement practice as required and at least monthly

  • Manage the procurement database by receiving applications, verifying all documentation, collecting outstanding documentation and updating database as required and at least monthly with annual audits and updates

  • Conduct procurement training to support compliance by developing training materials, scheduling training and conducting with all managers at least annually and when new managers and staff join JHC

  • Special Investigations

  • Conduct special investigations by receiving request, conducting investigation and collection of evidence/information, collating information, presenting feedback to relevant managers and supporting any required actions post investigation as required

  • Identify special investigations by monitoring the JHC environment, proactively identify areas of concern or non-compliance and provide feedback to manager as and when required and at least quarterly

  • General

  • Conduct audits as scheduled and requested by reviewing information, identifying discrepancies, evaluating risk of discrepancies and recommending actions in a written report within deadline

  • Report on compliance by collecting information, collating and drafting written report as required and by deadline  

Research and Information

  • Conduct information research by receiving request, conducting research, compiling findings and presenting within deadline

  • Compile information request reports by collating information, drafting report, checking for accuracy, checking for completeness and submitting by the deadline

  • Complete scheduled reports and submissions such as the BEE report, by collecting required information, completing reporting templates and submitting to relevant service providers by the deadline annually or as scheduled

Contract Management

  • Develop a contract management system by understanding contract types, developing schedules and tracking processes and implementing by deadline

  • Maintain the contract management system by amending and updating with required improvements as and when required

  • Manage the contracts issuing by implementing the contract management system, sourcing relevant contracts when required and managing that they are returned within deadline

  • Track contract review and renewal periods by implementing system, tracking and escalating for action monthly

  • Report on contracts by collecting data, collating and presenting report as required and scheduled

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Present compliance and company secretarial reports and feedback by developing presentations and reports, addressing critical success factors, presenting/discussing and answering questions and queries as required and at least monthly

  •  Build mutually supportive and beneficial relationships with internal stakeholders by educating, engaging in problem solving solution finding and providing feedback on progress and challenges being experienced on an ongoing basis

  • Proactively identify internal stakeholder pressure points and proactively develop recommendations and solutions to resolve on an ongoing basis


Qualifications and Experience

  • A relevant degree or equivalent is required.
  • At least 5 years company secretarial experience is required
  • At least 2 years procurement compliance management experience is required
  • At least 2 years contract management experience is required
  • At least 2 years information research and reporting experience is required
  • Database management computer literacy is required

Compliance and Risk Manager

JHC Legal Representatives
BEE Auditors

Suitable and qualified applicants who meet the above requirements should forward a complete CV to by no later than close of business on the 28th April 2017.