Job Vacancy Available: Marketing Officer


There is a vacancy for a Marketing Officer role.  The key requirements and responsibilities of the position are as follows:


To implement the JHC marketing strategy, to manage the maintain the JHC brand and to fulfil all marketing functions within the JHC.


Key Performance Areas



Marketing Management

  • To develop the marketing plan by identifying activities, developing a calendar and mapping deliverables over the year annually
  • To implement the marketing plan by developing project specifications, identifying and appointing marketing service providers, developing marketing inputs, planning and running marketing events in line with the agreed standards, deliverables and timeframes monthly
  • To evaluate marketing impact by reviewing progress, identifying marketing successes and challenges, identifying changes that have occurred as a result of marketing interventions, identify anomalies and recommend adjustments monthly
  • To develop and manage the marketing budget by identifying costs for marketing activities in line with the plan and managing expenditure in line with approval levels and budgets monthly
  • An annual marketing plan that supports the Revenue and Property Management strategies and plans
  • Marketing initiatives implemented in line with the timeframe and deliverables defined in the plan
  • Monthly marketing impact reports with recommended actions and improvements
  • Marketing spend in line with budget
  • Marketing reports detailing spend, plan improvements and amendments and performance

Corporate Branding

  • To maintain the corporate identity by reviewing all presentations of the corporate brand and implementing consistent branding across documentation, events and buildings as required
  • To provide brand support to JHC and MaM staff by preparing and reviewing documentation, presentations, developing templates, tracking and monitoring implementation of the brand and implementing corrective action as required
  • Brand consistently presented in all documentation and events
  • Brand consistent templates developed
  • Brand consistent templates used


Building and Event Branding

  • To brand JHC buildings internally and externally by managing the sign design, manufacture and installation as required
  • To brand events at JHC buildings by supporting JHC departments, sourcing relevant materials and supervising installation and erection of the materials as required
  • JHC building internal and external signage is correct and is installed
  • JHC events are correctly branded
  • JHC departments are supported in branding events

Marketing Material Delivery

  • To develop marketing material by sourcing and drafting content, appointing service providers to develop layouts, approving layouts and printing documentation as required
  • To manage stock levels of marketing material by tracking production and use of stock, ordering additional stock when necessary and controlling the allocation and distribution of stock monthly
  • Relevant marketing material developed
  • Stock of marketing material is always available

Digital Profile Development and Management

  • To develop a digital profile plan by identifying different digital platforms, developing actions relevant to each platform and developing a calendar of actions annually
  • To maintain the JHC website and mobi-site by sourcing content, drafting updates and uploading content monthly
  • To maintain the social media presence by engaging and responding on the different social media platforms daily and weekly
  • Digital profile plan developed
  • Up to date, user friendly and relevant web and mobi-site
  • Maintained social media presence

Events Management

  • To develop an event calendar by identifying events and plotting them according to timeframes twice a year
  • To plan revenue and property related events by developing the event theme and plan, sourcing relevant service providers, managing scope and costs of the event, managing implementation and running of the event as required
  • Provide support for Makhulong events as needed
  • Event calendar
  • Revenue and Property events planning and implemented

Customer Experience Management

  • To track customer experience feedback by developing and reviewing customer satisfaction tools, managing the customer service survey, identifying customer service themes and challenges and recommending solutions as required
  • To develop customer segment solutions by growing customer segment information, engaging with customers to determine their requirements and engaging with service departments to support building services and solutions as required
  • To manage customer service challenges by tracking complaints, monitoring resolution of complaints and providing feedback to service departments to address challenges as required
  • Customer service survey completed
  • Customer service feedback reports and recommendations
  • Customer segment solutions developed
  • Improved customer service levels


  • To provide support to the Revenue Manager by supporting marketing procurement, providing administrative and marketing support and undertaking any other requirements as necessary
  • Compliant marketing procurement
  • Support provided to Revenue Manager

Qualifications and Experience

  • 3 year diploma or degree in Marketing
  • 2 years experience in marketing environment
  • Essential:  Must have a drivers license and own transport
Competencies (competencies highlighted in BOLD are the priority competencies)


Professional Competencies


Attention to Detail 2
Planning and Organising 2
Project Management 2
Technology Usage 2
Use of Basic Technology and Equipment 4
Procurement 2
Personal Competencies Level
Action and Outcome Orientation 2
Resilience 2
Accountability and Ethical Conduct 1
Ethics and Professionalism 1

Service Orientation


Service Delivery Orientation 2
Interpersonal relationships 2
Written Communication 3
Oral Communication 3
Client Orientation and Customer Focus 2


Suitable and qualified applicants who meet the above requirements should forward a complete CV to .