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Annual Report 1997 1997 Annual Reports
Annual Report 1998 1998 Annual Reports
Annual Report 1999 1999 Annual Reports
Annual Report 2000 2000 Annual Reports
End of the beginning 2000 Newsroom
Annual Report 2001 2001 Annual Reports
Annual Report 2002 2002 Annual Reports
Newtown: Joburg’s Emerging Inner city Suburb? 2003 JHC News
Annual Report 2003 2003 Annual Reports
Getting residents back into the city 2004 Newsroom
Hillbrow tenants stay put during renovations 2004 Newsroom
Annual Report 2004 2004 Annual Reports
'n Nuwe mylpaal vir goedkoper huisvesting 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields housing project delivers 2005 Newsroom
Annual Report 2005 2005 Annual Reports
eKhaya: Landlords clean up Hillbrow ghetto 2005 Newsroom
Mokonyane heaps praise on Brickfields project 2005 Newsroom
Rented social housing caught in inner-city trap 2005 Newsroom
R40m to turn these derelict buildings into housing 2005 Newsroom
Given financial constraints, inner-city projects b 2005 Newsroom
Inwoners trek gou by Brickfields in 2005 Newsroom
JHC at a glance 2005 JHC News
Refurbished Hillbrow flat wins property award 2005 JHC News
Upwardly mobile are moving back into the inner city 2005 Newsroom
First tenants move into Brickfields homes 2005 Newsroom
Inner city development shows a renting success 2005 Newsroom
Jubilant families get place to call home 2005 Newsroom
City on the up 2005 Newsroom
Annual Report 2005 2005 Annual Reports
Mbeki says land allocation system is unfair 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields project dubbed place of hope 2005 Newsroom
Mbeki slates 'pro-rich' housing 2005 Newsroom
Address by the Executive Mayor: Brickfields 2005 Newsroom
Mbeki opens Brickfields housing 2005 Newsroom
Address by The President of SA: Brickfields 2005 Newsroom
Mbeki opens multi-million rand Brickfields 2005 Newsroom
Beste grond vir dié buurte moet stop - Mbeki 2005 Newsroom
Poor have right to good land - Mbeki 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields' tumultuous contribution to past recal 2005 Newsroom
Mbeki's arrival at Newtown complex makes... 2005 Newsroom
Stopping the inner-city rot 2005 Newsroom
More Newtown housing planned 2005 Newsroom
A partner in the social housing sector 2005 Newsroom
Brickfields - The Regeneration of Communities 2005 Newsroom
Hillbrow’s slum blocks turned into housing 2005 Newsroom
Landmarks & Learnings 2005 Newsroom
In the spotlight - Hillbrow 2005 Newsroom
Breathing life into the city 2005 Newsroom
Project Review Series: Brickfields & Legae 2005 Newsroom
A decade of housing Joburgers 2005 Newsroom