Lethabong Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Lethabong Mansions in downtown Joburg.

Ukhamba Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Ukhamba Mansions.

Umndeni Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Umndeni Gardens.

Uno Roseneath Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Uno Roseneath Mansions..

Uno Roseneath Mansions, 22 Goldreich Street, Hillbrow


Smitshof Ext

Neighbourhood Map: 
Smitshof Ext...

Taylors Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Taylors Mansions....

Taylors Mansions, 142 Pritchard Street, Johannesburg

Interested to Apply?

The process to apply for a JHC unit is as follows at all buildings:

  • First view the unit by visiting the building  which you have seen on this website (call 010 593 0200 to get the address of the building). The Housing Superviser at the building will help you view the flat.

Latest Developments

Over the past 19 years, JHC has developed more than 3 500 rental housing units and today provides homes to more than 12 000 people in low to middle income communities.

Tribunal Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Tribunal Gardens was built on land originally owned by Transnet and was JHC's third townhouse complex.

Towerhill Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Tower Hill combined office and residential usage when it was purchased.

The conversion from office space to 47 residential units a year after purchase was the first ever such conversion in Hillbrow.
37 Kotze Street, cnr Klein Street, Hillbrow

Tasnim Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Tasnim was JHC's first refurbishment of an empty multi-storey building, involving the upgrading of existing units and the installation of geysers and water and electricity meters in each flat.

Sylvadale Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Sylvadale is a high rise building catering to the same market as Douglas Rooms.

It consists mostly of single rooms with communal washing facilities and ablutions, a configuration which makes for cheaper rentals.
69 Claim Street, corner Petersen Street, Hillbrow

Stanhope Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Stanhope Mansions is a beautiful Art Deco building that dates from the 1930s.

It was fully refurbished by JHC in 2005. It offers tenants a range of accommodation, from spacious one-bedroom and bachelor apartments to single rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen facilities. Stanhope has an active tenants’ committee in place, supporting a strong community spirit in the building.

Smitshof Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Smitshof was the second building, after Douglas Rooms , where JHC had done an in-situ upgrade.

San Martin

Neighbourhood Map: 
San Martin was JHC's first purchase.


Neighbourhood Map: 
Rondebosch was JHC's second building acquired under the better buildings programme.

The building is a conversion of an old hotel, and comprises mainly single rooms with common washing facilities and ablutions. It will house JHC's first computer centre, to be managed by Makhulong a Matala.
Cnr Peterson & Edith Cavell Streets, Hillbrow

Phumulani Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Phumulani forms part of JHC’s popular Brickfields complex in Newtown.

Parkzicht Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Parkzicht and Garden Mews are adjacent to Douglas Rooms and the consolidation of these buildings into Douglas Village allowed for economies of scale which is subsidised the lower rentals in Douglas Rooms .

Douglas Village became home to JHC's first crèche. It was JHC's first experiment in a mixed income residential precinct.
6 Wilhemina Street, Doornfontein

New Hampstead Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
New Hampstead was purchased as part of the consolidation of JHC's neighbourhood around the Landrost.

Legae Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Legae forms part of the popular Brickfields complex in Newtown. This major new housing development downtown was completed by JHC in 2005.

It is built on the land that once served as Johannesburg’s original brickfields, where the first bricks that were used to build the city were made. The Brickfields complex has created a new residential community in the heart of the city.

Landrost Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
The conversion of the Landrost Hotel was the most ambitious and even glamorous refurbishment undertaking by JHC.

Lake Success

Neighbourhood Map: 
Lake Success , in Hillbrow, was the first building to be acquired under the Better Buildings Programme.

It had been allowed to deteriorate by its owner, and had been abandoned. The lift motors had been stolen, flat units had been vandalised, and the sewerage system was dysfunctional. The building was extremely overcrowded with up to eight tenants per bachelor flat.

Jeppe Oval Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
The first “new build” of the JHC was the Jeppe Oval in 1996.

This was the first new rental accommodation to be built in Johannesburg for over 30 years. It comprised 240 units in a three storey walk up configuration. The name of the development was taken from the historic oval around which the complex is built.
27 Browning Street, Doornfontein

Hlanganani Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Hlanganani - "People Come Together" - is located at Cosmo City, a huge new suburban development beyond Kya Sand, northwest of central Johannesburg.

Garden Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Garden Mansions is one of the three buildings, including Parkzicht and Douglas Rooms, which together make up the mixed income residential community of Douglas Village.

Garden Mansions is a three-storey apartment building, overlooking the small Maurice Freeman Park across the road where children can play.
6 Wilhemina Street, Doornfontein

Gaelic Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Bonvista and Gaelic Mansions are neighbouring buildings and share the same entrance on Van der Merwe Street in Hillbrow.

Elangeni Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Elangeni, JHC's fourth townhouse complex, was the first ever to be built within the Central Business District.

For the first time JHC introduced live/work units which allowed for a commercial shop front on the ground floor of a unit, with a residential unit on the first floor.
80 Albert Street, cnr Troye Street, Marshalltown

Douglas Rooms

Neighbourhood Map: 
Douglas Rooms is a former miner's hostel built in 1906.

Dorchester Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
The Dorchester was once a bustling hotel with a vibrant bar and nightclub.

Cresthill Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Cresthill is one of the City of Joburg’s Better Buildings projects that was awarded to JHC.

Carr Gardens

Neighbourhood Map: 
Carr Gardens was JHC's second townhouse development, and its first project in the Forsburg area.


Neighbourhood Map: 
The Brickfields project, incorporating Brickfields, Legae and Phumlani, was Johannesburg inner city's first high rise development in 30 years, and is JHC's most ambitious project so far.

Bonvista Mansions

Neighbourhood Map: 
Bonvista and Gaelic Mansions are neighbouring buildings and share the same entrance on Van der Merwe Street in Hillbrow. Both these buildings have been freshly refurbished by JHC.

They provided safe, decent housing at affordable rent rates in this popular part of the city. Most of these units are single rooms which are grouped three or four together with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Gaelic Mansions was upgraded and reopened in 2007 and Bonvista in 2008.
18 van der Merwe, Hillbrow.